Sunday, January 25, 2009

It is time for an update. We have a new President! Have you signed up at Starbucks to donate 5 hours a week in your community? I am off to do that today after a much needed nap. What can we do to create a better country when the powers in Washington, D.C. try to figure this all out? My interest is single mothers and foster care. Also, heard Rick Steves, the travel guy, speak yesterday and he peaked my interest. He mentioned that there are a huge number of mothers in the world that are unable to stay home and take care of their children because they have to walk miles to get water and wood everyday. Drilling a well would cost $10,000 and they could stay home, create some income and be the parent with "family values" in place. I think I could donate and raise funds for a well for a village in Africa. What do you think about that?

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dragonflies said...

I signed up! Yay Starbucks for initiating a great idea. I have been looking at the list to see where and what I could possibly offer.