Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another beautiful day. No, I did not take this photo today but I have it on my desktop and I really like looking at the clarity and the perfection of nature. (I took it last August in Austin, Tx)

The saga of the fractured ankle and the metal left inside my ankle is nearly over. The metal is out and I am feeling better. My mind is clearer and I am much more organized believe it or not. I believe that I am affected by the foreign material in my system. I am truly grateful to the good podiatrist that took it out. Oh yes, my skin has reacted as well with cracked hands and feet and elbow stuff. I have come to the conclusion that may be caused by Vicodin. This med causes dryness in the colon so why not the skin? I will keep you informed as it is a commonly used pian medication. As soon as I had insight into that possibility I stopped it. I just want to get back to natural and normal and off anything except good supplements.

Tomorrow I am going in for follow up and expect that he will say he agrees that my foot and leg look better. It took over a year of suffering and a very unattractive ankle with discolored skin. This past year was more difficult than anything I have ever been blessed to have as lessons. Heart disease, breast cancer, raising children alone....this was more overwhelming than any of that OR I just don't remember the rest. So, if you are ever aware of anyone who has metal or some foreign material in their body and they don't feel well tell them my story and suggest they get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

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