Friday, December 05, 2008


In August of 2007, while hiking down a trail in Sonoma only 4 blks from downtown, I slid and broke my ankle. Little did I know that this past year would be controlled by that ankle. I am a nurse, have worked orthopedics several years of my career and never gave it a thought that it would be much more than a few months of healing. Having taken great vitamins and other supplements the bone healed quickly but the skin on the side where the metal is would break down whenever there was any swellling. Why am I tellling you this?

I am telling you so that if you know anyone that has metal in their body and they are having strange symptoms, some of which can be skin breakdown, to take notice. It is my understanding that trace metals can create an allergic response. I am now having to take time to stay off of it to allow the skin to heal so I can have the metal removed. I expect to start the New Year off on the "left foot" (fx ankle) which will be the RIGHT foot to make 2009 a successfilled and "playful" New Year.

Oh yes, anyone like DOMINOS? Get this break an ankle, insert metal, heal bone, ankle swells, skin breaks down, pain, stress, increase in cortisol, more fat, vicodin, pain fades, and on it goes. THE DOMINO EFFECT. Get the metal out and start over.

Walk safe! Live well. Be playful. Smile

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Cugel said...

Hi Mavis! Sorry to hear about your ankle. Having metal in your body can certainly be a bummer, can cause inflammation, etc.

I've found that certain products might lower the inflamation: Aquazon for one. Have you tried that?

Personally, I'm allergic to everything, and I mean absolutely everything they tested me on. I was about 10 and the doctor who administered the drop test finally stopped about 1/2 way through because I was developing a major allergic reaction -- to every single thing he tried. I got shots and anti-histamine medication for constant Asthma.

For some 15 years I couldn't breath through my nose, I got so it felt natural.

But, all that inflammation went away after I started eating blue-green algae daily. Amazon Herbs makes it, although sometimes I take Spirulina instead. Both work.

I think that all kinds of inflammation can be reduced that way. Perhaps it might help you?

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